At the workbench

It’s about a life movement but above all it’s about a man: Karsten Fräßdorf.

Watchmaking has been part of his life for almost four decades. It all started at the age of 15 with a Junghans alarm clock that made a pretty loud ticking sound. This unmistakably horological melody has remained with him ever since, as has his alarm clock. Passionate about the grand and beautiful show staged by mechanical horology, he became a Master watchmaker, timer and developer. Karsten can create, develop and adjust any timepiece. Progressively learning and honing his trade as an apprentice watchmaker, journeyman and Master watchmaker, he began his career in clockmaking before serving as an expert and later a workshop foreman for an auction house. At Gübelin, he discovered the world of Grand Complications, a passion that has remained undimmed to this day. He successively opened a restoration workshop and then a movement development office before launching his namesake brand in the Swiss Jura, in 2016.

Karsten Frässdorf