Everyday precision instruments

Our developments testify to pure chronometric performance. They must meet our durability criteria, and thus prove to be everyday precision instruments for their wearer.

Calibrating time

We focus on ultimate technical sophistication and all our watches are equipped with our own movements, a rare phenomenon in the industry. We seek to share our vision of product integrity which means designing movements in-house, as well as controlling their production and assembly. To this end, particular care is taken to produce the fundamental elements composing the heart of the watch, such as the barrel, the balance or the escapement. These elements are key ingredients in pure timekeeping. More than a credo, it is the brand’s guiding thread. The end result is a watch 100% developed and assembled in Switzerland, a process that goes well beyond the legal requirements established for the Swiss Made label.

Tried and tested horological complications

These performance criteria are always accompanied by high requirements in terms of component durability and watch resistance. This has an impact on the choice of materials and the type of components, leading to the creation of Grand Complications that can be worn as everyday instruments is designed to support you throughout your lifespan – and indeed endure well beyond it.

The “Atelier” spirit

We offer carte blanche to our customers who can 100% compose their watches by choosing both design and movement. “KF tailor-made” is excessive and extreme in every respect. This is the “Atelier” spirit in which we invite our customers to embark on a journey through the “Bespoke” collection.

And for all those who prefer to choose one or the other of our unique models, welcome to our capsule collections. These parts can be a starting point for the development of a custom-made model or a love at first sight purchase.