Karsten Fräßdorf the discreet German Master Watchmaker has decided to conti­nue his journey on the quest for the chrono­metrical grail. The new time­pieces will be signed with his name and hand-made by the Master himself in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, the cradle of watchmaking. Karsten’s quest is about exploring the boundaries of mechanical watch­making by inventing devices based on tradition, but also innovation using disruptive concepts and materials. His only questioning will be always “can I make it more precise and reliable?”.

The latest concept imagined and engineered by Karsten Fräßdorf will take you on a journey linking the heritage of the golden age of watchmaking with the modern times. Perfection, innovation and crafts­manship will be the key words on this odyssey.
The philosophy of this horo­logical concept is taking its roots in the 18th century when watchmakers were almost on terra incognita. Today’s new territories can be discovered only if you decide to push the boundaries further back.
The milestones of this adventure will be marked with innovative concepts to be manufactured in extremely limited quantities and meant to remain one-of concepts.

The first chapter is incarnated by a Tourbillon hand-made in the purest respect of traditional watch­making in the concept and the execution with hand finishing on the movement made by Karsten himself.

More on Karsten’s new concept and the Tourbillon cal. 402 soon to be unveiled here ...